Architect Howard Meyer

Spaciousness with substance

Liphsy Residence Dallas Texas Howard Meyer Nakoma
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Above: The Liphsy House (now the Nakoma House) located in Dallas, Texas and designed by Howard Meyer in 1951. Photo:

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Howard Meyer was one of the pioneers of modern architecture in Texas. Born and educated in New York City, he moved to Dallas in 1935. He designed numerous homes influenced by the International Style with a sensitivity to the Texas climate and native materials. Among his best designs are the Sanger House (1937), the Zale House (1939), and, the one I would like to look at here, the Ben Lipshy House which he designed in 1951.

Liphsy Residence Dallas Texas Howard Meyer Nakoma

In the entrance a simple cascade fountain and reflecting pool greets visitors to the home. Photo:

Built in 1951 for Mr. and Mrs. Ben Liphsy in Dallas, Texas, the Nakoma Residence would come to symbolize Howard Meyer’s cohesive architectural aesthetic. The principles of the International Styles would become prevalent in the Meyer’s designs through his free-flowing arrangement of space and simplicity in rectilinear forms; however, the architect felt the need for connectivity to site and greater substance that could not be found in the ‘lightness’ of Modernist architecture. Because of this Meyer borrowed from the craftsman-centric and honesty-to-materials of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Through Meyer’s wealth of knowledge regarding the International Style and his prevailing interest in indigenous materials, the Liphsy House comes to be an adept reconciliation of Modernism and Craft.

Located in Dallas, Texas and built for Mr. and Mrs. Ben Liphsy in 1951. Click on image for full view.

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