The Krenit Bowl

An icon of the era and frequent model for photographer Julius Shulman

Herbert Krenchel krenit bowl ross floyd
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Above: An assortment of ‘Krenit’ bowls designed by Herbert Krenchel and first manufactured by Torben Orskov of Denmark in 1953. Photo: Ross Floyd for Wright Auctions

Often seen on counters and tables in many period interior shots is the Krenit Bowl. In fact, when I’m looking at some of Julius Shulman’s color photos I often play ‘spot the Krenit’ as he frequently used them, being particularly fond of the red-lined ones. Designed by Herbert Krenchel, who graduated with a Master of Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, the bowl is made from steel with an enameled lining, often in bright colors with a black exterior. Available in several sizes as well as colors the iconic Kernit Bowl was first manufactured by Torben Orskov of Denmark in 1953 and was met with immediate success, going on to win the gold medal at the 1954 Milan Triennale. Sold originally as kitchenware the ‘Krenit’ found its way onto shelves and surfaces in every room and is still manufactured today.

Herbert Krenchel's 'Krenit' bowl, 1953. Click on image for full view

Herbert Krenchel krenit bowl

Herbert Krenchel and his ‘Krenit’ bowls. Photos: Ross Floyd for Wright Auctions /

“I am excited about shapes and structures. The surface on a design object is important because it makes people want to reach out for it. I also believe that there has to be a balance between function and aesthetics. A good design must therefore contain more than one aspect to make the perfect overall impression. My inspiration comes from several things surrounding me – it can’t be explained. For me design is a way to express yourself – it’s a way to create things just the way you want it.”

Herbert Krenchel

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