MCM Facebook This Week – July 24th, 2015

The best from our MCM Facebook group

    finn Juhl mid century modern modernism danish modern
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    The latest installment of a few things that caught my eye this week in our MCM Facebook Group! Enjoy and tell me what you think in the comment section below! Links to the original post on Facebook have been included in the caption of each photo if you would like to add a comment there.

    house mcmdaily mid century modern modernism

    Mike Deatch’s home, built from the 1964 plans of the “House of Good Taste” by Edward Durell Stone, is almost sureally beautiful and when he shared photos taken by a professional photographer the post became one of the most popular ever. The flow of the home is seamless. The furniture is expertly selected. The amount of pieces used id ideal. The color and tone choices are beautiful. But, more than just a list of the home’s finer points, what is truly wonderful about it is the calmness – almost tranquility – of the spaces. After being greeted by a fabulously orange double front door we see a neutral and natural palette with well-placed pops of color and texture that maintains balance and keeps it interesting. Truly enviable home and thank you so much for sharing it with the group Mike!

    mcmdaily mid century modern modernism stopino eames risom nelson

    Fabulous room posted by Mariana Garcia Katz. Mariana posted to show us these stacking tables designed by Giotto Stoppino in the 1960’s, which was a nice thrift store find, but the entire tableau shown in this photo is wonderful. The orange tables – topped off with a perfectly chosen chartreuse vase – only further enhances the natural colours of the Eames Chairs, Nelson Bench and the Risom chairs. With a touch of metal thrown into the mix with the table and DCM legs this room is nearly perfect in my view. And, it must be mentioned, the clothes drying on the left lets us know that actual humans, who have real, actual lives live here! Wonderful!

    mcmdaily mid century modern modernism braun

    A wonderful – and not common – find by Michael Der Weingart with this Braun Studio 2 system designed by Dieter Rams. The spare simplicity of this system speaks to the core of the Rams’ design manifest of, “using as little design as possible.” Here we have utilitarian functionalism rendered to its most basic elements and yet, within this uncluttered order, there is an undeniable – and timeless – elegance. Done correctly it is the thing I find most appealing about design. However, it’s not something I ever see at the flea market which is where Michael found this one!

    finn juhl mcmdaily mid century modern modernism

    Anyone who has been a member of the MCM group for any period of time knows that I do have a soft spot for Scandinavian modern. I like the simplicity, the materials, and sense of refined craftsmanship. Also, I think a lot of it is pretty nice looking too! Michael Landsberg‎ found one of the prettiest tables of the breed when he came across this ‘BO 101’ table designed by Finn Juhl and manufactured by Bovirke in 1952. And that this table was left behind after the first day of an estate sale is surprising to say the least. They often have cushions on them so they could also be used as a bench as well. Nice find Michael!

    mcmdaily mid century modern modernism

    A very nice chair posted by Andre Visockis Macedo. Designed by influential Brazilian designers Carlo Hauner and Martin Eisler the chair, made from wrought iron and wrapped in reed, shows the softer side of Modernism. Quite a feat for a chair made form iron. There are those who hold some pretty stringent views of what is or is not Modern (I know quite a few of them personally) and might dismiss this chair. But Modernism has quite a few faces and if one of those faces happens to be a chair one could relax poolside in, then the Modern(ist) world is made all the better for it. Thanks for sharing Andre.

    couch mcmdaily mid century modern modernism verner panton ball light

    Lisa Orten Cross‎ posted this photo of an unknown couch and I have to say it just makes me smile. I am not saying I would put this couch in my home but this is an amazing sofa. And here’s why. By the 1960’s, when this sofa was likely made, America had become quite comfortable with the Modernist aesthetic. Whether it was International Style, Organic Rationalism, or Scandinavian Modernism – or a mix of all three – when the couple went out to buy a new couch there were plenty of modern options drawing on these varied styles. Manufactures pumped out new designs daily and often the only note given to the in-house designer was to make it modern. Often this note was misinterpreted as ‘made it different’ and voila, this couch was the result. This couch makes no sense, it’s an odd hybrid, the back cushions look like they’re from a roadster, and it is marvelous! Thanks for sharing this little bit of happy Lisa!

    mcmdaily mid century modern modernism borge mogensen

    Wonderful piece posted by Erich Bolinger with this sweet little credenza designed by Borge Mogensen for Dux. I feel that Mogensen is often overlooked when it comes to the history of Danish modern. Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, Hans Wegner are considered the stars but Mogensen’s undeniable influence can be seen in many Danish Modern designs. Certainly in this piece there are motifs that would be picked up Vodder and Juhl. It’s a lovely thing that also serves to remind us that it’s okay to paint some things, like these drawers. Thanks for sharing Erich.

    mcmdaily mid century modern modernism verner panton ball light

    Every day I see items posted to the group that I would like to have. Sometimes I see things make me incredibly envious and this is one of them. Dennis Johansson posted his ‘Type A’ ball lamp designed by Verner Panton in the 1960’s. To have one is not common, to have the only blue one, well, it’s a good thing he lives on the other side of the ocean because I’d be paying him a visit! I recognize fully that this is not to everyone’s taste (nothing is) but these ball lights have always captivated me and to see one lit up is mesmerizing. Now, let’s see more of your home Dennis!

    mcmdaily mid century modern modernism

    A well-designed room is not just an arrangement of carefully selected furniture, objects, and colors. A well-designed room has to look like a place you would want to spend some time in. RodandRach Maier posted this photo with the caption, “My Tuesday night office” and there is something rather compelling about it. The lighting, the greenery, the rugs, even the Eames elephant poking in the lower right corner give this space such a comfortably lived in texture and richness. In the design world, when assembling all the ‘right’ elements to make a space, the end result can still be a game of hit and miss – all the notes are there but the song doesn’t work. You need the unquantifiable ‘X’ factor and this room has it. Entirely lovely.

    mcmdaily mid century modern modernism eames child

    Hung Doan posted this photo of his son in his room and just look how amazing it is with not just the great star wars toys and a teepee but Eames chairs and table. I think as adults we underestimate children on so many levels. We round off every corner, pad every edge, and put speed bumps in their path for fear they might actually get a bump or scratch. We sanitize them with lotions and cover their ears and eyes (figuratively and literally) at the slightest prospect of an offending word or visual. Kids are tough and kids get it, and they understand more than we give them credit for. I also believe kids also get good design. They may not understand the nuance and subtlety of a piece, or even care for that matter (I know many adults don’t), but a well-designed chair finds its fans in all ages. Thank you for giving your child such a wonderful space and to be influenced by such classic and timeless designs. Fatherhood, you’re doing it right!


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