Nanna Ditzel

The First Lady of Danish Design

nanna ditzel foam chair 60s mcmdaily
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Above Photo: Nanna Ditzel in one of her foam form chairs, 1966. Photo: Trapperum.

Considered by many to be the ‘first lady of Danish design’, Nanna Ditzel was born in Copenhagen in 1923. Growing up in a creative environment, nurtured by a mother who was passionate about art and design, lead Nanna Ditzel as a teen to the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts. It was here she studied in the traditional art of cabinetmaking and was the first, and for a long while, the only woman to study at the school.

After graduating from the Copenhagen School of the Arts and Crafts Ditzel entered the Royal Academy to study architecture where she was well known for her high energy but also self-discipline. While studying to become an architect she was also earning a degree in philosophy with plans to study art history later on in life but her dedication to her design kept her too busy to pursue that path. It was at the Royal Academy Ditzel met her future husband Jorgen Ditzel who was studying textiles and upholstery and soon after Nanna and Jorgen began showing at the Annual Cabinetmakers Guild exhibits together.

floating docks seating lounge kolds nanna ditzel 60s

The ‘Floating Docks’ seating and lounge arrangement produced by Kolds Savvaerk in 1961. Photo: Trapperum

hanging basket rattan chair nanna ditzel jorgen wengler 50s

The ‘Hanging Basket’ rattan chair designed with Jorgen Ditzel and produced by R. Wengler in 1959. Photo: Trapperum

dining chair nanna ditzel

Prototype dining chair, 1962. Photo: Phillips

After the war the Ditzels established their own studio in Copenhagen and were prolific in their output, ranging from interiors, furniture, fabrics, and jewelry while utilizing a variety of materials in their works such as rattan, fiberglass, foam, and textiles. Of this period they produced works for silversmith Georg Jensen, a series of children’s furniture but their most famous designs were the rattan and wicker pieces of which the ‘Hanging Chair’ is perhaps the best known. The Ditzels had several children and had a unique understanding on designing to their smaller scale. Believing that functional design could benefit all ages, the Ditzels created multipurpose pieces that could grow with the child, like a small bed that became a couch for later use. In 1957 the Ditzels won the silver medal at the prestigious Triennale furniture design competition in Milan and the gold medal in 1960.

children library nanna ditzel 60s table stool chair

The story room of the Lynby Children’s Library with interiors designed by and featuring pieces designed by Nanna Ditzel. 1968. Photo: Trapperum

lynby children library nanna ditzel 60s stool table

The Lynby Children’s Library with interiors designed by and featuring pieces designed by Nanna Ditzel. 1968. Photo: Trapperum

toad stool children table stacking kolds 60s nanna ditzel

‘Toad Stool’ children’s table and stacking stools produced by Kolds Savvaerk in 1963. Photo: Quittenbaum

nanna ditzel toad stool coat rack chair 60s

The Forum Toy Exhibition showcasing Ditzel’s ‘Toad Stool’ seating and coat racks in her ‘staircase’ arrangement. 1963. Photo: Trapperum

Sadly, in 1961, Nanna’s husband and design partner Jorgen died suddenly at the age of 40. After taking several months off from producing new works Ditzel returned in 1962 with the successful ‘Toadstool’ series, a multi-purpose, stacking stool and table for children. In 1968 Ditzel married her second husband German-born Kurt Heide and relocated to London where she and Heide created the showroom and meeting place for international design called Interspace. It was also during this period Ditzel also created her own studio, Nanna Ditzel Productions, Ltd, to sell her jewelry, textiles, and furniture. It was with this company she would create internationally successful designs that would define her later career works like the ‘Tema’ chair and ‘City Bench’, as well as several other pieces manufactured by Fredericia Stolefabrik.

jorgen nanna ditzel georg jensen 60s necklace

Necklace designed with Jorgen Ditzel produced by Georg Jensen in 1957. Photo: Munkeruphus

silver brooch jorgen nanna ditzel george jensen 60s

Silver brooch design with Jorgen Ditzel and produced by George Jensen in 1960.

Throughout the 1970’s Nanna Ditzel continued working and gaining attention internationally. In 1981 she was elected chairwoman for the Design and Industries Association in London, a position she held until her second husband’s death in 1985 when she stepped down and moved back to Denmark to open her own design studio in Copenhagen. Upon her return to Denmark Ditzel became active in design, academic, and manufacturing guilds and boards, further edifying her position as a designer of note and person of influence.

ring chair kolds nanna ditzel 50s blue

A pair of ‘Ring’ chairs produced by Kolds Savvaerk in 1958. Photo: Ross Floyd for Wright.

rattan teak chair 50s nanna ditzel pontoppidan

Rattan and teak chair produced by Ludvig Pontoppidan in 1950. Photo: DecoNet

rattan teak pontoppidan 50s nanna ditzel

Rattan and teak chair produced by Ludvig Pontoppidan in 1950. Photo: DecoNet

Throughout her career Nanna Ditzel earned numerous awards. In 1995 she received the ‘Order of the Dannebrog’, one of the highest honors a Danish citizen can receive. In 1996 Ditzel was bestowed the title ‘Royal Designer’ by the ‘Royal Society of Arts’ in London. In 1998 she received the lifelong Artists’ Grant from the Danish Ministry of Culture. And in 1999 she was awarded the Bindesbøll Medal in recognition of her enormous impact on Danish design in the 20th century.

Nanna Ditzel was one of Denmark’s most meaningful and innovative designers. Known for her bold use of colors as well as embracing the quality of natural materials she was fearless in both her work and in the pursuit of her craft, travelling roads unwalked previously. In 2005, after nearly 60 years of working, Nanna Ditzel passed away at the age of 82.

nanna ditzel

Nanna Ditzel (1923 – 2005)

brown leather chair willadsen nanna ditzel 50s

Leather chair produced by Knud Willadsen in 1952. Photo: Artful Dodger

teak cane chair kold 50s nanna ditzel

Teak and cane chairs produced by Kold Savværk in the 1950’s. Photo:

oak high chair kolds 50s nanna ditzel

Oak child’s high chair manufacturedby Kolds Savvaerk in the 1950’s. Photo: The Modern Warehouse.

oda chair blue green foot stool ptersens 50s nanna ditzel

The ‘Oda’ chair and foot stool first produced by Petersens in 1953. Photo: The Modern Warehouse.

nanna ditzel fiberglass stool tables bar domus danica 60s

Promotional image for the fiberglass low stools, tables, and bar stools produced by Domus Danica in 1968. Photo: Taschen

nanna ditzel fiberglass sidetable bar stool domus danica daniel leblanc 60s

Nanna Ditzel’s fiberglass sidetable (white) and bar stool (orange) produced by Domus Danica in 1968. Photo: DC Hillier

nanna ditzel bench for two stolefabrik 80s

One of Nanna Ditzel’s later career pieces with the ‘Bench for Two’ produced by Fredericia Stolefabrik in 1989. Photo: Brahl Fotografi

nanna ditzel bench for two 80s

One of Nanna Ditzel’s later career pieces with the ‘Bench for Two’ produced by Fredericia Stolefabrik in 1989.