The Living Room, 1969

The good, the bad, the ugly... and the bizarre

living room 1969 book
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Above: a conversation pit, quintessentially 1960’s. Photo from the 1969 Hatje / Kaspar book ‘1601 Decorating Ideas for Modern Living’

I have a lot of books in my home and many of them are old design guides / interior decorating books from the 1950’s through to the 1970’s. Mostly found at flea markets and thrift stores these books illustrate quite well how modern design evolved over a relatively short period of time. They also showcase design trends both beautiful and bizarre. Today I pulled from a shelf a forgotten book called 1601 Decorating Ideas for Modern Living, A Practical Guide to Home Furnishing and Interior Design published in 1969. For most people the ‘MCM period’ ended when the 1970’s began and what’s interesting to note going through this book is that by the end of the decade the more muted, earthy tones and mixed styles that would dominate quite a lot of the ‘finer’ interior design of the 1970’s was already well underway. What also became quite clear is that an Eames Lounge will work in any style of room from any period! So enjoy the living room, 1969. You can decide for yourself which are the good, the bad, the ugly, and bizarre!

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living room 1969 book

Written by Gerd Hatje and Peter Kaspar and published by Harry N. Abrams Inc, New York

The Living Room, 1969. Click on the image for full view


The bedrooms and kitchens were quite something as well!

living room 1969 book

Bedroom from the book ‘1601 Decorating ideas for Living’

living room 1969 book

Kitchen from the book ‘1601 Decorating ideas for Living’


Here’s some suggested reading for design and lifestyles of the 1960’s. Click on image for more info!

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Wow and double wow!! Picture 36 – those light fittings! To die for. Thanks DC for some brilliant pictures.


What an interesting book! Thanks for posting. Some of these look quite liveable.