Wayne Kady

Impossible Machines

wayne kady concept cat mid century moden illustration
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Above: Early Kady illustration with this concept gull wing.

There is an expression that goes, “dance like no one is watching’, auto designer Wayne Kady designed like no one was watching. Working in watercolor, and with each large rendering taking two to three days to complete, Kady created soft, often luxurious images that were wonderful exercises in flights of automotive fancy. And while nothing Kady rendered ever saw production many design elements he imagined can be found in many later production models.

Kady began his career as an automobile designer in 1961, and spent the next 38 years designing for the Cadillac and Buick studios. In 1968 he was promoted to Chief Designer in Advanced Cadillac Studio and it was there he led the design of the highly successful 1971 Eldorado. In September 1972 Wayne was promoted to Buick Chief Designer. After several successful decades Kady retired in 1999

The concept car illustrations of Wayne Kady. Click on image for full size.

Great video on concept car illustrations from PBS.

Thanks to deansgarage.com for info and images


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