Glenn of California

West coast style

Slipper Chairs Foot Stool Paul Laszlo Walnut
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Above photo: Slipper Chairs and Foot Stool designed by Paul Laszlo in 1950. Photo: Ross Floyd for Wright.

Answering the demand for modern design in the booming post World War II American economy Glenn of California was at the forefront of a new West Coast modernist design movement. While there isn’t a great deal of easily found information about Glenn of California, what is known is that the move that edified their place in the history of American Modern was their hiring of Milo Baughman in 1948.

With a penchant for simple forms and natural materials, predominantly walnut, most of the early Milo Baughman designs for Glenn of California were well made, elegant, and functional pieces. These would become the benchmarks of the Baughman-designed pieces that were marketed as the successful California Modern collection launched by Glenn of California in 1948.

Along with Baughman, Glenn of California hired well known designers including Greta Grossman, Paul Laszlo, John Kapel, Stanley Young, and Kipp Stewart. These designers would create furniture that would exemplify a distinctive West Coast Modern style that was accessible and relatively affordable.

Some of the designers who worked for Glenn of California

Designer Milo Baughman

Milo Baughman

Designer Gretta Grossman

Greta Grossman

Designer Kipp Stewart

Kipp Stewart

John Kapel Designer

John Kapel